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An ugly, glorious image of man

December 12, 2009

I am an animal, of the highest order.

I lord it over all other animals. Fuck the whales!

The environment is to serve my ends. Fuck the self-righteous, hateful environmentalists!

Self-preservation and flourishing are my chief ends.

I like to eat.

I like sex.

I desire emotionally-fulfilling experiences.

I like to dominate, to seek the highest status amongst the group.

I like to interpret the world in ways favourable to me, and create the world in my image.

I like to get my own way.

I like to alter my mental state through drugs (but after-effects tend to limit this).

I take advantage of society’s laws and customs to protect me from other people.

I take advantage of other people through deception. Oh, I am most intelligent!

If I were a Viking, my pillage would be notorious, and my seed would be spread across a thousand lands.

I am the epitome of life-advancing life!

Against this stands the idealist fantasies of the Western tradition:¬† ‘rational animal’, ‘moral man’, ‘polite society’. All bullshit!

You say I am immoral. You Victorians!

You forget the debt of your existence to people like me.

You deny the ugly truth of man and do not see his glory.

You forego your resemblance to me.

Oh yea weak ones!