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Why evolutionary biologists believe in the supernatural

October 19, 2008

Metaphysics: meta = beyond, hence ‘beyond the physical’, ‘beyond nature’ or supernatural

Causality: a necessary relationship between one event (called cause) and another event (called effect) which is the direct consequence (result) of the first (Wikipedia).

Causality is a metaphysic.

Wikipedia again: Evolutionary biology documents the fact that evolution occurs, and also develops and tests theories that explain its causes.

When will these poor sods give up their infantile superstitions? Time to read Hume, ol’ chaps.

In other news:

I watched a video of Daniel Dennett giving a lecture to a herd of infatuated ‘skeptic’ puppets today. What a waste of time. The high priest has nothing useful or interesting to say; just a shitload of pseudo-scientific speculative nonsense and mildly-derogatory caricatures; what a wanker. The selective skeptics lapped it and gave due praise to their authority.