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Why asking “what is…” always takes you away from ‘it’

January 17, 2009

Asking “what is…” is a process of abstracting from it to then determine abstract-it‘s ‘essential’ qualities. We are dealing with abstract-it, analysing abstract-it from a certain perspective. It is left behind.

Following this process recursively (what is abstract-it…?), abstract-it will come to signfiy less and less of the real world. Eventually, we will get to the most hollow of concepts, the ‘highest’ concepts, which, by virtue of the process taken to reach them, must signify nothing. A vacuum now exists, which nature abhors and that now must be filled.

We can only know that it is, never what it is, but more importantly for us as humans is what it is to me – how do I relate to it.

Be careful how you reason, because rather than finding a meaningful truth you may find nothing.