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The psychology of Internet debate

October 29, 2008

Through argument, the pitiful man displaces his precious self-concept into the hands of his judgemental opponent and then seeks to retain it with honour by vanquishing him in rhetorical battle. The trophy is his returned self-concept, with added smug self-righteousness – truly gratifying!


What a way to will to power!

September 27, 2008

You may think I am masochistic for posting this, but I thought it was an awesome example of a Christian martyr (Ignatius) possessing ‘will to power’ (passionate self expression, assertion) in sacrificing his life for a cause he thought most noble.

Now is the moment I am beginning to be a disciple. May nothing seen or unseen begrudge me making my way to Jesus Christ. Come fire, cross, battling with wild beasts, wrenching of bones, mangling of limbs, crushing of my whole body, cruel tortures of the devil–only let me get to Jesus Christ! Not the wide bounds of earth nor the kingdoms of this world will avail me anything. “I would rather die” and get to Jesus Christ, than reign over the ends of the earth. That is whom I am looking for–the One who died for us. That is whom I want–the One who rose for us. I am going through the pangs of being born. Sympathize with me, my brothers! Do not stand in the way of my coming to life–do not wish death on me. Do not give back to the world one who wants to be God’s; do not trick him with material things. Let me get into the clear light and manhood will be mine. Let me imitate the Passion of my God.

Early Christian Fathers – Ignatius’ letter to the Romans

The will to live forever

September 24, 2008

No doubt many people are tempted into religion due to a promise of an afterlife. We all have an indispensable urge to live forever, but most people do not recognise this in their behaviour.

Rulers the world over have built monuments to themselves because in them they hope part of their existence will be identified and remain forever in this world, through the memory of others. Artists create for the same reason, to have their existence recognised within/as their work. Kings build empires, martyrs die for causes, philosophers produce treatises, poets write and we want to leave a legacy to family and community in order to secure an eternal existence.

In death, we can only exist as a self in the memories of others. We want graven images and/or a place in a movement and history so that the world will not forget us. This is what many of us strive for our entire lives.