Has something I have said rubbed you the wrong way? If so, here is something from Nietzsche to consider in relation to your behaviour…

Crude men who feel themselves insulted tend to assess the degree of insult as high as possible, and talk about the offense in greatly exaggerated language, only so they can revel to their heart’s content in the aroused feelings of hatred and revenge.

One of the things this blog wants you to consider and take responsibility for is how you – as a single, powerful individual – relate to the world, without putting blame and other dubious interpretations on other people and circumstances. The Locus of Control must lie with you if you have any chance of living the good life.

This is what I may want this blog to be about primarily:

  • Practical, life-changing philosophy – chiefly Existentialism with insights from psychology and neuroscience. I will also extract wisdom from the philosophies of Cynicism, Epicureanism, Stoicism and Buddhism.
  • Authentic, this-worldly Christianity with focus on the values of forgiveness, self-giving love and compassion. Other-worldy (Platonic), bigoted and pretentious Christianity (Christendom) will be criticised.
  • The self and its relation to the world and others

Amongst this you will find plenty of wayward rants and frivolity. Yes, this blog is about me, my self – whatever the hell that is!


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