Existentialism intensifies the search for meaning

Humans abhor a meaning vacuum. The Existentialists help us fill in the vacuum by focusing us on the absence of meaning, which then intensifies the search for it. For example, Kafka: A cognitive metamorphosis

With the death of God, all absolute systems of meaning (theological, philosophical, scientifc, folk cultural) are abolished; life is absurd.

The human predicament is satisfying the impulse to meaning in the absence of God. We are yet to overcome ourselves in this regard. We still latch on to provincial meaning systems, which serve us for a while, before becoming broke and vacuous. We stand between God’s death and a new being that has solved the problem of meaning.

The existentialists can help us with the problem of meaning. They can focus us on the problem and help us analyse it through their methods. They can offer broad options to help resolve the meaning dilemma, from which we may choose a solution. The option most of us choose is to ignore the problem, but this isn’t a solution, and not an option for the Existentialists. Reading Kafka may eliminate this option for you.


One Response to “Existentialism intensifies the search for meaning”

  1. mariana Says:

    I had that option eliminated since I was 9, but I do not know if it was because of kafka or because of poe. Anyway I never felt I had the chance to belive in god. But anyway I still have the urge or instinct to find the meaning, I can not change that.

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