Philosophy in a nutshell

Philosophy without reference to practical self-reflective  psychology and social psychology is bunk.

This statement goes against much of the philosophical tradition, but in modern times it has gained more currency. There are still philosophers out there who are theologian-like, believing that objects have an existence outside of the mental model they have constructed. What these theo-philosophers fail to see is that they have made things up. They have pulled their theories out of their arses. This applies to their ‘reason’ also.

Reason claims to begin with premises that supposedly needs no justification. Taking the premise, the philosopher makes inferences to a conclusion.

In fact, the philosopher already has a conclusion in mind; perhaps not in detail, but in broad outline/context/perspective. This determines the premises chosen and influences the inference process with bias. The conclusion therefore is not an objective, God’s eye view of the world (which of course doesn’t exist), but a perspective with some formal and quite boring flourishes. I need not give an example of how some philosophers have ‘reasoned their way to God’, when in fact they were just rationalising their pre-conceived perspective.

Reason is bunk unless the mental model/perspective can make predictions that are subsequently useful to the senses, ergo the popularity of the scientific method. However, the mental model being evaluated as useful to the senses doesn’t mean it is objective, and doesn’t mean that other mental models may be equally or more useful. Philosophy is not about finding and justifying the one, true (i.e. useful) mental model of the world through reason, but evaluating, deciding on and prioritising those perspectives that are most useful to human life and living them out. In short, philosophy is about wise perspectives and loving these, living these, because you love life.


One Response to “Philosophy in a nutshell”

  1. mariana Says:

    I like what you say that philosophy is about. And I think that it will be useless if it where about finding the best mental model, because mental models are not just something one choses about.

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