What does it mean to be happy?

How to find happiness? Good question. A few responses:

Smackdown! Homer (Simpson) vs. Aristotle: What Does it Mean to Be Happy?

Aristotle’s conception of the good life in a nutshell is: (pleasure + honour [in political/social spheres]  + contemplation) x excellence [virtue]

Thomas Hurka on Pleasure – some pleasures are more equal than others

The Happiness Machine – much like the above


One Response to “What does it mean to be happy?”

  1. one billion daleks Says:

    The sensation of happiness is a product of brain chemistry. It is a reward mechanism, and as such is transient, not perpetual. The extended absence of such chemical stimuli is a form of ‘starvation’, called misery.

    Because happiness is by it’s nature and biological purpose fleeting, a compulsive pursuit of the happiness sensation can be deemed a form of addiction to biochemicals.

    Serene contentment is far superior to happiness, because it is not dependent on the emission of what is after all a limited supply of neurotransmitters. Rather, it is a state of chemical stability, an absence of the ups and downs arising from glandular secretions of hormones into the endocrine system.

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