The meaning of a word

Wittgenstein and Joe are walking along a quiet road when they see  a railway crossing, about 20 metres away.

They also see a sign and slow down the pace of their walk. The sign says “Achtung.”

Joe cautiously stops and asks, “What does that sign mean?”

Wittgenstein, continuing to walk ahead of Joe, replies “The meaning of that sign is its use in language.” He proceeds to walk onto the crossing when, unexpectedly, a train steams by and cuts Wittgenstein from the face of the earth.

The moral of the story: The meaning of abstract-minded (AKA absent-minded) philosophy is not its use in life. Its only use is for Occam’s Razor.


One Response to “The meaning of a word”

  1. Dave Says:

    I got a good laugh out of this; I reckon Steven Pinker would enjoy it as well. Many thanks for posting this. Comedy may actually be the last dominion of philosophy in life.

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