Christianly – I just saw this adjective used to advertise a talk by one of the more bigoted, opportunistic Christian celebrities in Australia.

I am stubborn enough to think that being a Christian is about becoming Christ-like, not Christianly; like the man, not the contemporary, idolised social identity of ‘Christian’.

The web site for the bigot’s talk is superbly garish and its language consumeristic. We even get a picture of the bigot taking the posture of a Greek god.

The event offers to its participants “extended time in God’s Word.” What hokey trash. You cannot spend time dwelling in Christ, living the life of Christ, at a fucking convention. I can’t find any mentions of ‘Christianly conventions’ in the records of Jesus’ life – want to know why? Because they aren’t there.

But let us not be fooled. To these Pollyanna Pagans, God’s Word isn’t the unenviable life of Jesus Christ, but an interpretation of a text that supports a sense of privilege and self-righteousness. God’s Word is a consumer product to enhance one’s modern lifestyle, as the language of the web site famously demonstrates.

I will obviously pass on this Christianly lifestyle event. Such inauthentic, pretentious idolatry of the self just doesn’t do it for me.


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