The meaning of life and the theological perspective

I have noticed that most bloggers who write on “the meaning of life” do so from the Christian theological perspective. Whatever you may think of Christian beliefs, you may agree that it is good that these people are thinking about life’s big question.

But is it really good?

Has the ever-abstract reasoning of theology led the Christian away from true sources of meaning? Is asking “what is the meaning of life?” and providing an answer only a symptom of someone who has the lost the meaning their life once had? And how did they lose it?

Has excessive abstract reasoning, theological and philosophical, led the Christian far away from the meaning which comes with simpler, less abstract interpretations of everyday experiences? Has the Christian attempted despairingly to fill this void with God? If so, does this remedy cure the patient or merely cover up the symptoms of the disease? Is God the makeup that makes one feel beautiful while they really feel ugly deep inside?


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