Meditation: the key to the good life

Meditation is a form of self-indoctrination or self-hypnosis; a form of encapsulated social influence; that habituates positive thinking, thereby displacing negative thinking. It allows you to take control of your relation to the world by providing your self with the outward social attitudes that the meditation contains. Unlike the indoctrination of religious institutions it ought not be founded on dogma; rather on the accumulation of practical, tried-and-tested knowledge that assists us in positively engaging with the world, dealing with setbacks, and so forth.

Meditations can be used to cultivate many positive emotions, among them:

  • Compassion
  • Loving-kindness
  • Endurance (for tough times)
  • The absence of want and worry
  • Gratitude for what you have
  • Happiness

Buddhists are well known for their meditations which cultivate compassion, loving-kindness, and overcome suffering/unsatisfactoriness. More than enough information about these can be found on the Web.

Seneca stressed great importance on his morning meditation that would prepare him mentally for the vagaries of Lady Fortune:

The wise will start each day with the thought…
Fortune gives us nothing which we can really own.
Nothing, whether public or private, is stable; the destines of men, no less than those of cities, are in a whirl.
Whatever structure has been reared by a long sequence of years, at the cost of great toil and through the great kindness of the gods, is scattered and dispersed in a single day. No, he who has said ‘a day’ has granted too long a postponement to swift misfortune; an hour, an instant of time, suffices for the overthrow of empires.
How often have cities in Asia, how often in Achaia, been laid low by a single shock of earthquake? How many towns in Syria, how many in Macedonia, have been swallowed up? How often has this kind of devastation laid Cyprus in ruins?
We live in the middle of things which have all been destined to die.
Mortal have you been born, to mortals have you given birth.
Reckon on everything, expect everything.


2 Responses to “Meditation: the key to the good life”

  1. Mindfulness Meditations Is Valuable | Healthcare Blogs Says:

    […] Meditation: the key to the good life « Behold the man […]

  2. ggw_bach Says:

    fully agree with you. Going deep into meditative / trance states is the way to connect with inner truth; unmediated by the senses and language; back to the primal realm.

    the beneficial effects are too many to list!

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