How philosophy ought to be written

If philosophy is truly to be wisdom it must guide an individual through their life; their struggles and opportunities. Below is one format for philosophical writing that would be effectively meet this ends. Unfortunately, most of what is called philosophy serves other ends and therefore is not philosophy; rather the idle ramblings of a contemptible fool who really doesn’t care much for his life or the lives of others.


  • A short, memorable imperative statement, aphorism or proverb that directs the reader in coping with, or making the most of, a particular circumstance commonly experienced in life.


  • A simple example to clarify the above, if neccessary
  • A concise, summative dialogue to analyse (and dismiss) alternative approaches to the situation
  • A metaphor/allegory or parable/fable to illustrate an idea that is not easily expressed in typically-used language

Other thoughts on these matters:

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2 Responses to “How philosophy ought to be written”

  1. jaky Says:

    well, pretty nice post. I am beginning to like it.

  2. Pages tagged "contemptible" Says:

    […] bookmarks tagged contemptible How philosophy ought to be written saved by 4 others     maaaaarco bookmarked on 01/08/09 | […]

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