The essence of the good life

The essence of the good life is living unself-consciously. It is not a narrative or way of seeing the world in which the self does not exist. Rather, it is a vision of the world in which the self – you – is not of negative concern. In particular, you are not engaged with negative emotions, such as guilt, shame, boredom, worry, regret, remorse and resentment. You never think of others judging you and you do not judge others.

Your viewpoint is ‘big-picture’ and in the third-person perspective you are empowered. At times you take up the first-person perspective, but always within the context of the big-picture. You positively and creatively co-create your history with others; your story is not a dogma that you attempt to impose on the world. You accept your circumstances, but realise your freedom to transcend them. You love fate, but are not fatalistic. You take in the entire universe, everything there is, and reflect it with positive sentiment.

You see yourself engaged with the world. You see this relation to the world as significant and as a gift for which you are infinitely thankful. You are passionate about living. You are not a cog in the wheel of industry, a wage-slave in someone’s else’s grand schemes; rather, you decide who you will become. You may have particular goals and directions, but these are not a worry for you, only a source of joy. Although you do not worry, you still feel a distinct type of anxiety which is essentially human, you care – about the world, yourself and others. The emotions engendered by these relations make your life meaningful. Although you are actively involved with the entire world and its people, you can be still and quiet; alone, but knowing that the world is merrily with you.

If all this sounds too prescriptive than simply consider Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence myth and ask, what life would I live if I were to live it over and over again for all eternity?


One Response to “The essence of the good life”

  1. Mia Says:

    Great ideas. You’ve really made me think. Feel free to add your interesting ideas with us at The Monday Club.

    This is an excerpt.

    The Construction of Me: a discursive look at ontology.

    I’d like to entreat people put their $0.02 forth to see where they stand on the topics of self, identity, subjectivity and objectivity, dasein and whatever else one deems will help illuminate and elucidate the topic.


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