People are innocent

People are not basically good, nor basically bad. They are innocent; not due the judgement and condemnation we so readily heap on them.

Morality is a pragmatic social device that comes into existence through covenant. This device ought to only serve the ends of human survival and flourishing, but we frequently lend it too much power.

Morality has become its own end. Foolish people have been willing to annihilate each other for the sake of ‘right’. Total annihilation has even been a threat, during the Cold War.

Another corrupt morality is often used by the weak for their self-aggrandisement and self-righteousness. The weak employ this morality as a weapon against the strong, who are innocent of any real wrongdoing. Jealousy, envy and resentment motivates the bludgeoning of the innocent. The innocent are the strong, but to the weak they are the immoral.


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