What is art?

Art is a perception of the world that desires your emotions. It need not be beautiful, it need not be something you would deliberately seek out; it could be something ugly and repulsive. It is something that captivates with deep emotion and its existence overwhelms.


2 Responses to “What is art?”

  1. siawo Says:

    Art is an extension of our visual perceptions. Paintings and sketches allow us to regale the true spirit of life, the atmosphere, which sometimes can not be captured in a photograph. Art is not a mirror to hold up to society rather it is the expression of sensitivity of an artist towards the world tus it then becomes a hammer to shape the society rather than a mirror

  2. beholdtheman Says:

    I agree that art and artists shape society. However, I believe seeing the artist as subject and art as his object can obscure the full sense of the term. Art acts on us as much as we create art – not only ‘works of art’ such as paintings, but a life as art.

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