Unoriginal pagan bullshit: Original sin

Another perspective on evil

I would not condemn such myths if they were harmless – this one is pernicious. Augustine’s idea of ‘original sin’ has been used by the Church for centuries to repress and corrupt. It is time the idea was given back to the sick mind from which it came. The officials of the Church ought to show a modicum of integrity in publicly apologising for inflicting this violent, destructive dogma on unsuspecting and naive people.

I don’t expect the Church’s officials (priests, ministers, pastors, Pope, Cardinals, etc.) to apologise though. They would rather be ‘Orthodox’* than honest; their vanity is in their outward ‘Christian’ identity, they have no pride in Christ.

*Orthodox means adhering to the dominant dogma (the dogma which is backed up by force: heresy charges, excommunication, ostracism, etc.), no matter how farfetched from the earliest Christian teachings it is


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