Blogging and the self

The reason why people blog is because their self is bound up in it. Blogging is utterly egotistical and I am not one to pretend otherwise.

However, contrary to myth, blogging isn’t a bastion of rampant individualism. Most bloggers are well socialised and follow the norms of the dominant Blogosophere culture and its rationality. Bloggers learn the demeanour and etiquette of blogging through feedback on their posts and commenting on other blogs. They check out blogs more popular than their’s in order to keep up with the latest blogging fashions and lingo. They follow the leader in writing about topics that they hope will advantage their blog stats and give them prestige amongst fellow bloggers. Bloggers put an inordinate amount of time into the content of their blogs for very little substantive result. They hunt for pictures with Google Image Search, dig up quotes and references¬† and rip off YouTube videos in order to enhance the life of their blog. They need to do this so that their cry, “look at me!”, will pay off in terms of more than momentary attention.

It is very rare that I come across a blog that speaks to me of the author’s deep sense of existence. There are far too many people blogging to be seen by men, rather than facing a profound and shared sense of being alive. Bloggers don’t take advantage of the radical freedom of thought and speech they have on the Web, instead they demand high blog stats and status amongst their peers as compensation. If you are looking for spontaneous, idiosyncratic, enthusiastic, ecstatic and confronting outbursts of self-expression it is best to avoid the Blogosphere; it is the herd of the dead.


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