Christianity as holier-than-thou social club

One of the primary motivations for people joining and staying in groups is status.

Is Christianity a social club for the mutual self-righteousness and self-aggrandisement of its members? Certainly for the more pious sects of Christianity, such as the Calvinists, this would seem to be the case. But what about Christianity at large?

Consider a typical Christian church service – in roughly the usual order (some variations from sect to sect):

  • introductory sentimental platitudes
  • endorphin-rush singing
  • navel-gazing confession
  • endorphin-rush singing
  • Mithras segment
  • Preacherman show – topic: why you’re so lucky not to be one of those scum not here today
  • cute kids segment (occasionally)
  • endorphin-rush singing
  • self-righteous, feel-good offering
  • more sentimental platitudes, happy-go-lucky benediction
  • tea and scones

Then everyone goes home buzzing with goo-goo feelings, happy to have caught up with friends, and mightily pleased with the play which had them at the centre as stars. They can’t wait for next week.

It is all very clubbish and pretentious. Not much of the life of Jesus to be found.


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